Lance Armstrong has never failed a drug test and that makes French people insane, but like anyone with a good enough lawyer, they may have found a loophole to punish him anyway.

The French anti-doping agency, AFLD, says that Armstrong "violated" their rules by failing to fully cooperate with a testing official who showed up at his house for a random drug test. While Lance's people confirmed the guy's credentials, Armstrong says he asked for and received permission to take a shower—which means he was out of sight of the official for 20 minutes (what no webcam?) and that's plenty of time to fill up the ol' Whizzinator, if you know what I mean.

AFLD said they have the authority to punish Armstong and that could maybe hamper his Tour de France comeback ride this summer. I know it's very difficult to take sides in a battle between Lance Armstrong and the French, but how many times can he escape from their grasp before they finally admit that no one cares about cycling unless an American superstar is dominating it?

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