The Game Disembowels Bow Wow in $100k Madden Challenge

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Playing with the New England Patriots against Bow Wow's Cincinnati Bengals (What?), The Game raced out to a 21-0 lead and cruised in for the 55-23 victory. I have to say I'm glad Bow Wow got his beatdown because Lil' Bow Wow stood up Deadspin. And by Deadspin, I mean me. After our post about the game, we were contacted by the publicists behind the contest to see if we wanted to talk to the video game combatants. I said I did. A time was scheduled (for Friday night no less) and I received multiple calls letting me know that, "You'll be hearing from Bow Wow soon." You can imagine my excitement. I cut short my drinking and even sketched out a few questions. Sample: "Are you afraid The Game will shoot you if you win?" Then, blessed night of reckoning, my phone rang from LA. From the very scene of the big game! I scrambled up from the couch and took the phone call. There was raucous noise and I could barely hear anything. What's more it sounded like lots of people were even trash-talking at once. This was going to be the greatest interview ever! Except Bow Wow refused to talk with me. I could actually here him say in the background. "Naw man, naw man." So an apologetic publicist took the phone back and said, "Mr. Bow Wow can't talk now. It's too close to the game. Can we call you back later?" I said they could, and then went back to drinking. A friend of mine said, "You know if Bow Wow loses you're not getting that call back." And that friend was right. No Friday night call ever came. So good riddance Bow Wow, you're as dead to me as the Lil' in front of your name. Video highlights of the battle [World Star Hip Hop] The Game Destroys Bow Wow in Madden [The Sporting Blog]