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The Game That Wasn't Supposed To Be

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Well, here we are, just a few hours from gametime at Busch Stadium — gametime at Busch Stadium ... never have we been more thrilled to write that phrase — and we still can't quite believe Game 6 of the NLCS is actually happening. The Astros have to still be reeling from the unprecedented series of events, considering we're still reeling from it, and we don't have to play. Busch will be rocking like it perhaps has never before this evening, its survival depending on every pitch, every scratch, every spit. Like with all playoff games, we're equal parts anticipation and dread with this one; we'll watch about 40 percent of it from under a barstool with a newspaper hiding our eyes. We are hesitant to call it fun.

But we're not the only ones losing our mind about this one. Check out the Cards and Astros bloggers:

• "It s just been a day of nervous, draining tension." [Cardnilly]
• "I've never been so glad to go back to St. Louis, and I'm not even making the trip." [Birds-On-Bat Girl]
• "I even took a quick inventory of the greatest moments in my life thus far:
1) Getting married
2) Albert's home run." [Cardinals Diaspora]


• "I won't pretend to know even what I think might happen tonight, but I do know this: nothing is fated, nothing is set in stone." [Crawfish Boxes]
• "I was tired and (crabby) all day and took out my anger, rage and disappointment writing and writing and writing. Dogsss had the good sense to stay in the kitchen and leave me ALONE. But I think a good night s sleep can do wonders." [The Dugout]
• "We Astros fans just have to tip our caps to the Cardinals and say congrats. 'Cause it ain't gonna last." [The Juice Box]

So, yeah, all those guys are much more measured and rational than we are. We can't think straight, we can't eat, we can't sleep, we can't talk to anyone, we can't even typppppe. It's Game 6 of the NLCS at Busch Stadium. We have no cheeky commentary. We're just ready to go.

OK, we're not ready. At all.

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