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The Gareth Bale Transfer Saga Is The Worst Thing In Sports

This is so dumb. A few months ago, rumors started swirling about Tottenham's Gareth Bale, the Premier League player of the year, heading to Spain to sign for Real Madrid. All summer, it seems, Real Madrid has been closing in on the star for what's been reported by everyone to be a record-breaking sum anywhere between £81 and £1o0 million. That's dumb money. That's all the money. And that's why everyone has been tracking the story.


It looks now as if shit is going down. Or has gone down. Or is about to go down. Something is probably—certainly!—going to happen imminently, or at least this week, maybe, unless it's already happened. Which it might have. If it hasn't, it definitely will.

As of this writing, not too many know what's going on. No one knows how much money's changing hands, if any players are involved, or well, anything, really. No one will know until the deal actually happens. Of course, that's not stopping anyone from acting like they know for sure, posturing in hopes that they'll get the credit for breaking the story. It's your silly season in a nutshell.

For Spurs or Madrid fans, this has probably been agony. After all, Bale's one of the best players in the world, and completely carried Tottenham to within a point of Champions League qualification. So we feel for you. But most of us aren't Spurs or Madrid fans. And we think the last couple of days have been absolutely epic.

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