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The Gators and Bulldogs Are Ready For Cocktails

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You might still be hungover from your Halloween shenanigans, but for the ladies and gentlemen at Florida and Georgia the party is just starting. Today of course is the date for the world's biggest outdoor cocktail party. The two top ten teams are set for a 3:30 kickoff in the neutral site of Jacksonville Florida in a game that will serve as a delightful precursor to this evening's festivities down in Lubbock between Texas and their Technical rivals. Continue after the jump for a rundown of this afternoon's games. Northwestern at No. 17 Minnesota at 12 pm on ESPN2 These two teams come in with a combined record of 13-3. I'll give you a minute to let you wrap your heads around that shit. Wisconsin at No. 21 Michigan State at 12 pm on ESPN The Spartans just need to get themselves ready to knock off Penn State in their final regular season contest, anything leading up to that is pretty much irrelevant unless you're a Spartan fan with an eye on some second tier bowl game. Pittsburgh at Notre Dame at 2:30 on NBC Can Coach Wandstat save his job again? An answer to that question will have to wait, but a win over the golden domers would certainly help his case. So yes, Pitt fans might be better off rooting for another crushing loss. Iowa at Illinois at 3:30 on ABC Good god, the Big 10 is simply unfuckingwatchable. Iowa Sate at Oklahoma State at 3:30 on ABC Who cares if the Cowboys are four touchdown favorites, this one has all the makings of an epic overtime thriller. I'm sorry, that was a lie. This really isn't worth your time unless you're a gambler. Florida at Georgia at 3:30 on CBS The cocktail party might not be the most bitter rivalry game, but the Gators and Bulldogs certainly get the job done. Orson Swindle is down in Jacksonville for the festivities, so be sure to keep an eye on the EDSBS Twitter page. Whatever the fuck that is. I'll be watching my gators take a bite out of my favorite breed of canine, and for the record I will be jortless. Enjoy the games, and remember to send your submissions for the Hugh Johnson Project to The Hugh Johnson on AIM.

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