There are three more gifts under the tree. Let's open them up together.

Cleveland at Denver (CBS): The Dark Knight on blu-ray. Yes, you asked for it and it is a great film, but you already knew that. Plus, whoever got it for you just wrapped the DVD as is. They didn't go for any misdirection—like putting it in an enormous box—to throw you off the scent. You know what a DVD looks like, whether it's wrapped or not. It's good, but there's no real excitement—the ceiling is only so high on this one.

New York Giants at Baltimore (FOX): Cash. Just straight up dollar bills. Use it however you want. You can save it to buy yourself something really nice in the future. Or you can go out to the local pub and blow it all while avoiding your family. It's versatile and there are no limitations of use like a gift card. Short of receiving the exact gift you specified, it does not get much better.

Chicago at Arizona (FOX): This is a gaming console that only comes with one controller. It has the potential to be pretty good, but you need another controller to really get the most out of it. Otherwise you're stuck playing Madden by yourself, or against some annoyingly awesome kid online instead of your little brother who is awful at video games.


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