Beijing 2008: Adidas "Together" Olympic Spot.

Still entertaining the notion that the U.S. may boycott the Beijing Olympics? Silly idealist. Take a look at these Adidas commercials which will begin airing in the Chinese market next month to coincide with the beginning of the Games. There's nothing like a little Marxist-Leninist-Maoist dogma mixed with naked capitalism to get you started in the morning. Holy mixed signals!

Adidas is making its big move to overtake Nike in the world market by launching a huge campaign in Beijing, including four new television commercials which will only be shown in China. The company is also announcing its intention to open more than 6,000 stores in China by 2010, including the world's largest Adidas store in Sanlitun. Nike and Adidas slugging it out over there for world sports apparel dominance will be much more entertaining than any of the actual Olympic events (with the exception of our basketball team being trounced by Finland).

Here are the other commercials, including that last one, in which alien eye creatures intervene to send powerful beams of pure energy from the Heavens to assist the Chinese women's volleyball team in winning a gold medal. Obviously something Spielberg was working on before he quit.

Beijing 2008: Adidas "Hu Jia" Olympic Spot.


Beijing 2008: Adidas "Zheng Zhi" Olympic Spot from R2 Studios on Vimeo.

Beijing 2008: Adidas "Chinese Volleyball Association" Olympic Spot=.

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