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The Greatest Baseball Highlight Ever Happened 20 Years Ago Tonight

The video's been played and replayed so many times, it almost no longer matters who and where and how. It's a dude running through a fence.

That dude is Rodney McCray, who on a brisk Saturday night in Triple-A Portland's Civic Stadium pursued a deep fly ball off the bat of Chip Hale back, back, back, through. The Daily News spoke with McCray on the anniversary of his ascension to myth, and he says he didn't have a clue the wall was coming up on him so quickly.


He should be glad of it (and he is — "Im a household name throughout baseball," he says). No one cares about anything else he's ever done. Hell, look at his Wikipedia page, which describes him as "a former American Major League Baseball player who is best known for crashing through an outfield fence attempting to make a catch. He also had a brief career in the MLB with the Chicago White Sox and New York Mets from 1990 to 1992."

McCray's been honored with his own "bobble-wall" doll, seen his highlight go to the Hall of Fame, and is an instructor in the Dodgers' minor league system. But to us he'll always be HOLY SHIT THAT GUY RAN THROUGH THAT WALL. Keep running, Rodney.

Video of ex-Met Rodney McCray's crash through Portland's Civic Stadium featured at Hall of Fame [New York Daily News]

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