The Gus Johnson Megamix: A Special Deadspin Films Presentation

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The last few weeks, Gus Johnson has been a hot topic. His zany witticisms and unbridled enthusiasm have made a memorable NCAA Tournament that much more memorable. The outpouring of support for Gus was enormous. Consider:

The Gus Johnson Soundboard was created, capturing all of the best moments that Gus is known for. "Rise and fire" became a catchphrase for millions across the nation. Gus became a trending topic on Twitter, an astonishing feat for anyone that is alive and not an earthquake.

We were covering it the whole way, especially when he narrated a case of puppy love. The Soundboard disappeared. The nation wept. The Soundboard returned. The nation rejoiced. Clearly, Gus had firmly planted himself in the fertile topsoil that is the American zeitgeist. It was clear: The people want Gus Johnson.


We at Deadspin Films have now taken the Gus Johnson Meme to its logical and insane endpoint — a montage of various Internet memes and cultural flotsam, set to the screams of Gus Johnson. It has been leading to something like this; that, we can all agree on. So, without further ado, here is the Gus Johnson Megamix. We hope you enjoy it.

Audio provided by The Gus Johnson Sound Board