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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
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It's tourney time. Time to fill out a bracket based solely on eliminating which teams piss me off the most. Let's have a Deadcast! (Listen here, iTunes here.)

Joining me for this special tournament Deadcast is the illustrious Spencer Hall of Every Day Should Be Saturday. Spencer knows nothing about college basketball, and his wife just gave birth to a 40-pound child. So I think you'll be hard-pressed to find more knowledge of college basketball anywhere else (except everywhere else).


Spencer and I were determined to fill out a bracket based only upon which teams we hated the least, which meant Duke is fucking GONE in round 1. The only problem with this method was that we ended up advancing teams that we had strong regional and personal biases for. This is how Texas ends up Spencer's Final Four. Texas is a retard state. They never should have gotten out of Round 1.

Anyway, both Spencer and I agreed that the team we hated least in the entire field of 64 was Maryland, an odd choice given that many of you ACC fans would like to see Maryland burn to the fucking ground (a task Maryland students are all too eager to help you see through to the end). But we both agreed that we admired the classlessness of Maryland fans. They don't give a FUCK if you brought your son to the game. They are wishing AIDS upon Coach K regardless, and we like that quality in a fanbase.

Coming up just short was New Mexico, because we both agreed that we'd like to visit that state and try their food, which looks both delicious AND authentic. We also agreed that Old Dominion should be the name of a malt liquor.

This week's Deadcast is available for your listening pleasure right here. You can also find the new Deadcast in the iTunes Music Store here. Special thanks to Liberated Syndication for hosting us. I've tried to resolve our sound level issues best I can, but it's hard without recording this thing in an actual studio. Now sit back, relax, and get your hate on. And, by all means, give us your most likable final four in the comments.

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