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The Hidden Victim Of Yahoo Sports' Miami Report: Former Florida Guard Teddy DuPay

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Yesterday's Yahoo Sports dressing-down of The U included all the usual NCAA hand-wringing: illegal cars, strippers, and cash. We got a little excited because stripper abortions and bowling Donna Shalala were involved. (Anytime there's an investigation this big, there has to be the littlest bit of something interesting within it.)

And we didn't even mention former Florida guard Teddy Dupay, who makes a cameo in the story with no good reason. He played in the 2000 title game, one of those sharpshooters who's not NBA-caliber.


Nevin Shapiro, the booster in question, used "Teddy Dupay" as his alias when he checked into hotels, apparently because both were shorter white guys with similar features, and not because both break NCAA rules and, well, laws, too.

Thankfully, another arm of Yahoo Sports caught up with Dupay today:

"It was screwing up my Android I was getting so many text messages," Dupay said Wednesday by phone. "My first instinct was, 'Oh no, not again' because it attached my name to a very negative situation, but I've realized I can't control what people think."
"I've had my name pop up in much more bizarre spots than that article yesterday," Dupay said with a chuckle.

There were the gambling allegations that forced him to leave college prior to his senior season in 2001. There was the 30 days of jail time he served in Utah after pleading guilty to felony aggravated assault following a 2008 fight with his then-girlfriend. And there were the spate of negative stories that appeared in 2009 when he began promoting the legalization of marijuana for economic reasons.

But here, for once, he emerges clean as, uh, the Gator athletics program?

Teddy Dupay gets a chuckle out of being Miami booster's alias [The Dagger]

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