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Yes, Donna Shalala Went Bowling With The Rogue Miami Booster And Sebastian The Ibis

Once upon a time, Donna Shalala was a dignified cabinet member during the Clinton glory years. She was Secretary of Health and Human Services, the first female to miss the State of the Union as a designated survivor in case of an attack.

Then she became president of the University of Miami.

So, here, we have a photo of her a-bowlin' with Nevin Shapiro, the booster at the center of Yahoo's big U investigation, and Sebastian the Ibis. She's wearing sneakers and capri Mom jeans that fit horribly. How did things come to this, Donna Shalala? What have you done to deserve this? Maybe it's that $1.2 million salary. Oh well. Better luck wherever you fall upward.



Thank you for your continued support of Ninjaspin. I will be with you shortly, because my captors won't let me out of here. Anyway. Remember when Natalie Merchant played Clinton's inaugural ball? Yeah. We do. Aw, Shalala.

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