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The Hottest Corporate Officers At Turner, New Owners Of Bleacher Report: A Slideshow

It finally happened! Today brings official word that Bleacher Report has been purchased by Turner Broadcasting for a cool $175 million. We feel like this calls for another celebratory slideshow. Allow us to present to you Turner Broadcasting's hottest corporate officers.


Stuart Snyder, president and chief operating officer, TBS Inc. Animation, Young Adults & Kids Media (AYAKM) division.

Stuart's glasses say "hard worker," but the dark-shirt-dark-jacket combo has us dreaming about playing hard with Mr. Snyder.


Louise Sams, executive vice president and general counsel, TBS Inc.

Oh my, it's almost impossible to keep your heart from melting under the heat of Louise's sexy gaze. Hands off, boys—looks like this one is married.


Steve Koonin, president, Turner Entertainment Networks

With that robust neckline of his? One word: Swoonin'!


David Levy, president of sales, distribution and sports, TBS Inc.

Here's a silver fox worth hunting! We'd like to grab hold of that sexy salt-and-pepper shock of hair and never let go!


Kelly Regal, executive vice president, TBS Inc.

The only thing more impressive than Kelly's CV is her heart-stopping smile. Any man who got to see that smile every day would die a happy man indeed.


John E. Kampfe, executive vice president and chief financial officer, TBS Inc.

Johnny here has the look that harks back to the rugged frontiersman of yesteryear. We approve. Who wouldn't want to warm up next to his Kampfefire?


Andrew T. Heller, vice chairman, TBS Inc.

Two tickets for the mustache ride, please!


Gerhard Zeiler, president, TBS International

Mr. Zeiler decided to get a little up close and personal in this head shot, and we aren't complaining! How could we? Kommen sie hier, bitte. Our arms are as open as the top button on your shirt!


Philip I. Kent, chairman and chief executive officer, TBS Inc.

Philip is the man in charge at Turner Broadcasting. Notice the way he doesn't so much sit in the chair as let the chair embrace him. Oh to be that leather cushion!


Jim Walton, president, CNN Worldwide

This ... is Jim Walton. We'll be CNN-ing you in our dreams tonight.


Jack Wakshlag, chief research officer for TBS Inc.

Ew. Not our type. Sorry.

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