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The Hunt For The Worst 1980s Team Song Begins

Yesterday, we brought you back in time to the go-go 1980s: ALF was on TV, the Go-Gos were on the radio, and the Rams were singing an awful song called "Let's Ram It". Well, we found something worse.


Two somethings, actually. They're equally awful.

First, let's take the 1988 Philadelphia Eagles's anthemic, "Buddy's Watching You."

Oof. That's terrible. Special attention must be paid to placekicker Luis Zendejas, who played a part in The Bounty Bowl the following season, and whose line-reading in this video is so terrible it's easy to see why the Eagles decided to cut the above-average placekicker.


Now before you go and declare that the winner, listen to this anti-drug jam by the 1987 Los Angeles Lakers.

Oh man. Off-key singing in unison, and, wow, those kids are bad. We know you're not supposed to make fun of kids, but they're adults now, and they can handle it. And why is everyone wearing sunglasses? You're all inside. Unless, gasp, the 1987 Los Angeles Lakers are trying to hide their bloodshot eyes?

All that aside, Magic gets to spit some fire (relatively speaking) and James Worthy's frog croak-esque intonation of "No" at various junctures is pretty funny. But, c'mon, someone had to have been stoned to think this was a good idea.

Which one's the worst, L.A.'s or Philly's? Let us know in the comments, or, if you find a "better" one, send it our way.


H/T Black Hammer White Lightning and Disco Choo

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