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The Jaguars Have A New Logo

When you're looking to turn around the perception and fortune of a moribund franchise, what's the first thing you have to do? Draft Blaine Gabbert. Sign Tim Tebow. Get a new logo. Obviously. The Jaguars released the logo today, the fine Panthera onca head you see above.

Here's the old logo, in case you had forgotten:


The new one is more detailed (kitty has brow ridges on both sides now!), more aerodynamic, more fearsome. (Some might say sexier!) It appears to have lost a tooth in its lower jaw, and its nose has changed color. Like the Panthers, who redesigned their logo a year ago, the new-look jaguar is more intimidating and less cartoony—now, if the teams can drop teal altogether, they'll have shaken off every vestige of their mid-'90s geneses.

The logo was unveiled at today's "State of the Jaguars" address, and may have overshadowed a more interesting piece of news: the Jaguars have hired a full-time sales executive in London. So enjoy the new logo, Jacksonville. Just don't get too attached to it.

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