The Jets Will Crowdsource Fireman Ed's Old Chant

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The New York Jets super(spelling)fan, Fireman Ed, stepped down last year after other fans in the building turned on him as some kind of management stooge. So what is to become of the notorious J-E-T-S Jets, Jets, Jets! cheer he was responsible for leading? The responsibility now falls on the entire stadium.

It's the perfect answer for the team, really: there are four letters in "Jets" and there are four sides of the stadium. The playing field has been leveled and no longer will the Jets enable a hierarchy of fandom. There is no Fireman Ed; We Are All Fireman Ed. But it feels weirdly forced for the fans, what with the cardboard, illustrated-map instructions and informational hotline and website.


The Jets have turned lemons into lemon drink. Fans will no longer respond to one guy yelling letters at them, among them. Instead, they will participate in a public address-prompted audible version of the wave with each side of the stadium yelling out its respective letter, hopefully in order. You can always call your ticket rep if you're having trouble working it out, though.