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The Jets Win The Weekend

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In sports, everyone is a winner—some people just win better than others. Like the New York Jets, who somehow keep winning games they shouldn't even be playing in. How are they not blowing it?


There's no denying that the Jets were gifted a playoff spot. (They may or may not have beaten the Colts and Bengals in the regular season, but it's a whole lot easier when the other team isn't trying.) Since then they've benefited from two horrific choke jobs ... or maybe the Jets are just that good? Either way the gang is in the Final Four. I guess it's better to be lucky than have a shaky place kicker.

Even in defeat, Charger fans will have a hard time accepting that they lost to a better team, but sometimes being the little team that could is the better option. Captain Hollywood continues his march to eternal glory by simply not destroying his team's chances. Twelve tidy little passes a game will do you just fine as long as three of them aren't to the other team. Everyone is suddenly kicking themselves for not recognizing that Darrelle Revis would have a better postseason than Charles Woodson. And perhaps running and defense still do count for something. The team nobody believed in was not believed in for a reason, but they came together at the right time to ride the hot hand and gel to the occasion in order to shock the world's destiny. Joe Namath.

Wow. Peyton Manning vs. Mark Sanchez. Always bet on poise?

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Here are some other big winners who did not win quite as big:

Phil Simms: For some reason, he gets a whole column devoted to his silky smooth voice and non-idiotic statements. It's a good life. [NY Daily News]

Peyton Manning: Hey, the Colts made it past their first game so they're pretty much a lock for the title, right? [Boston Globe]

Roy Williams: It was starting to look like he would go through the entire playoffs without being able to complain about not getting enough attention in the Cowboys offense. Crisis averted. [ESPN Dallas]


Michigan students: This is a big moment for you. I'm gonna let you have it.

The Weekend Loser? Oh, Nate Kaeding. Poor, poor Nate.

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