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The Journalists Is Smart And Diligent

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How absurd has the the Kobe Bryant story become? There was a rather large media kerfuffle at Lakers practice yesterday revolving around whether or not Kobe had cleaned out his locker. It turned out that he hadn't cleaned out his locker; he had merely cleaned it. Say what you will about the status of beat reporting and print/broadcast journalism over the next decade or so, but you can't deny the power of instant reports as to the hygienic quality of a basketball player's locker.

Yesterday was a good day for Journalists As Keystone Cops. The Yankees had their big Organizational Meetings yesterday, but beat reporters didn't know where the meeting was. So, as it turns out, they just drove around Tampa trying to find it. They eventually discovered it, though the process was amusingly live-blogged over at

And what did they get for all this running around like idiots? A press release, of course. "The meetings are adjourned for tonight. There have been no decisions made, nor will there be any comment today. The meetings will resume tomorrow."


That was certainly worth it, now wasn't it?

Oh, and don't worry: The Star-Ledger is absolutely on this story today too.

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