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The King Is Dead, Long Live The King

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Zack Hample has insulted us once too often. You remember Hample, the Dead End Kid who claims to have collected more than 2,000 baseballs at major league parks. In a recent post over at his blog, The Baseball Collector, Hample mocks Deadspin in a most egregious and insulting manner concerning Barry Bonds' 715th home run. In a post we did a while back, we laid odds on who would catch the ball, not imagining that it would end up being a guy waiting in line for beer. Hample's recent response: "So much for Deadspin's prediction." Grrr.


But karma, they say, is a bitch. As proof, we present Major League Ballhawk; a new blog on MLB, whose owner claims to have collected more than 4,000 baseballs at parks all over the nation. All hail the new baseball collecting king at MLB Blogs! Zack Hample, your time is so over!

By the way, all we know of the photo above is that a Rangers fan trampled a kid to get a foul ball. Sad, really.

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