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True Hoop and End Of The Bench have one of those stories that they just knew we weren't going to be able to resist: Rampant groupie sex, in Detroit, in the late '80s. We mean, come on. That's bait, catnip.

End Of The Bench talks to an old Pistons beat writer who dishes all kinds of good stuff. In addition to speculation about the size of John Salley's penis, he tells the story of an old "less popular" Pistons whom we desperately hope is Fennis Dembo.

The Pistons player was playing video games when he decided to listen to his phone messages. Steve couldn t believe it, as one after another, woman after woman left explicit messages for him, literally offering themselves to him on his answering machine. The Pistons player simply sat there playing his video games and told Steve not to worry about it - it happened all the time.

This is 10 times funnier when you realize the video game he was playing was probably Double Dribble.

NBA Players Cheat On Their Wives [End Of The Bench] (via True Hoop)