The Lakers' MUD Squad Is Sliding Downhill Fast

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The entire NBA needs a nap right now, and tensions must be especially high in LA with every player on the roster not named LeBron James or the untouchable Kentavious Caldwell-Pope on the trading block. The Lakers roster outside of LeBron broadly consists of young guys best known for fucking up on the court and some replacement-level idiots best known for their high-profile flameouts across the NBA. No one could have predicted it, but the latter group—who LeBron labeled “misunderstood, under-appreciated, determined” this fall—appeared to cause some locker drama after last night’s 115-101 loss to the Warriors:

There’s some dispute over who “several” entails here. Shams’ original tweet (now deleted) before this one included Beasley, Lance Stephenson, and JaVale McGee. One Lakers beat writer says all three were involved; another says it was just McGee and Beasley; another says it was actually Beasley, McGee, and Josh Hart.

No one wants to leave the Lakers for a much worse situation in New Orleans, so it makes sense that players or their camps would leak the “heated scene” in an attempt to get someone else shipped out in a potential Anthony Davis deal. Who would do such a thing?


Magic Johnson should trade this entire pile of jetsam for Davis, although maybe Dell Demps should say no.