The Last Time We're Gonna Talk About This Game

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All right, we're gonna talk about this one more time, and then if you bring it up again, we're totally not giving you a cookie.

As we sift through the rubble of last night's physical manifestation of life as a fan of The Buzzsaw That Is The Arizona Cardinals, we would like to point out three things.


1. The game set all kinds of records, most of which are documented here. Our favorite is the Buzzsaw becoming the first team to lose two games in a row after leading by 14 points after the first quarter.

2. Dennis Green is obviously meat after this debacle, not that he wasn't in serious trouble anyway. After his postgame tirade, we'd like to suggest Joe Mikulik, who can at least draw out his screaming longer.


3. Poor Neil Rackers. It only makes sense that the Buzzsaw's one strength last season would be what would spring a leak this year. It's possible that last year was the aberration for Rackers; after all, he was terrible with the Bengals, was average at best before last season and has been lousy this year. Can kickers take steroids? They can, right? Because if they can, get back on 'em, Neil.

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(UPDATE: We missed this at the end of the game, because we were busy hammering our ankles to the wall, but Kissing Suzy Kolber reports of an intriguing post game midfield meeting:

"After the game was over, there was a shot of Matt Leinart meeting up with Kyle Orton at midfield and shaking hands. If you haven't seen Orton lately, you're in for a surprise. He's still got the neckbeard, but he's also growing his hair long, baby. Long and greasy as shit. Stellar fucking work. Make this man a roadie NOW, God. He and Leinart shared a laugh, at which point Tony Kornheiser burst into laughter on the air, never explaining why. Take a bow, Deadspin. The world is your inside joke.")