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One thing I've learned, as I've slumped into adulthood, is that you may have dear friends, but none of them are as reliable as aging English rock stars. Such as Iron Maiden's Bruce Dickinson, who will do a nice thing for a bunch of Icelanders stranded in New York by Hurricane Irene.

Via NME:

The singer, who has held a pilot's license for many years and who regularly flies for chartered airline Astraeus, will fly 200 passengers from Newark airport in New Jersey to Reykjavik in Iceland for airline Icelandic Airways.

Dickinson will fly a 757 aeroplane which has been painted in Iron Maiden's colours and has been most recently been in use as the band's plane on their extensive world tour, which ended three weeks ago.


Yeah, an Iron Maiden plane may not be quite as snazzy as a Sigur Ros plane, but you can trust that it'll make it across the ocean.

Iron Maiden's Bruce Dickinson set to fly post-hurricane Irene flight [NME]

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