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The Learning Curve: A Giant In Redskin Country

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This segment is called "The Learning Curve" where you, young blog proprietor, will get a link to your new site on Deadspin. Any and all questions you may have about being a successful blogger will (hopefully) be answered.


Not by me, though. Consider this a "Dear Abby" for blog publishers and, you, proud, angry, often cruel commentariat should provide your helpful tips on success.

Now, thick skin is a requirement for every blogger. But do try to be helpful as well.


Don't just torture all these people and trounce on their dreams in the comments — email them your tips, your real suggestions, your advice, etc. Touch lives and all that.

Today: A Giant In Redskin Country, the blog of a New York ex-pat surrounded by the "disillusioned fuckwits" of the Beltway.

I made the mistake of relocating from a land filled mostly with rational, dispassionate hangers on and landed smack dab in the middle of the Beltway. This means I'm both downwind of Drew's taint odor and immersed in disillusioned fuckwits who by their own admission root for a team in the Redskins that has sucked since Dan Snyder took over. Ergo the need to find an outlet for my opinions, since their basis in fact and reason is lost upon the "friends" I keep making at the bar every Sunday.

About 70 percent of what I write is a legitimate attempt and abject failure to understand the NFL and, in particular, the Giants — a team with the consistency and excitement of Jello, solid if unspectacular. The other 30 percent is whatever the hell I feel like saying because in the juicy anonymity of blogging you can say things that you might not otherwise say in polite conversation. I figured the consumers of Deadspin's fineries could help me refine my offering into something not unlike a dirty fortune cookie.

Oh, yeah, details:
Blog name: A Giant In Redskin Country
Blog link:

Many thanks for allowing me to be your daily sacrificial lamb at the altar of blogging.


Help him, Deadspin fuckwits.

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