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The Learning Curve: Hockey World Blog

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This segment is called "The Learning Curve" where you, young blog proprietor, will get a link to your new site on Deadspin. Any and all questions you may have about being a successful blogger will (hopefully) be answered.


Not by me, though. Consider this a "Dear Abby" for blog publishers and, you, proud, angry, often cruel commentariat should provide your helpful tips on success.

Now, thick skin is a requirement for every blogger. But do try to be helpful as well.


Don't just torture all these people and trounce on their dreams in the comments - email them your tips, your real suggestions, your advice, etc. Touch lives and all that

Today's puppy picked for the kicking today is "Hockey World Blog" which covers "all things hockey" besides "field" and "tonsil" which have strangely been neglected. Since it is officially hockey season (right?) puck heads would be wise to check out what these lads are trying to do.

I'm a avid reader of Deadspin. I read it pretty much everyday. In July, my 3 best friends and I started a blog, It's in the early stages and we're new at the bloggosphere but each one of us has something different we bring to the site.
Me (Eddie) and Chris have a sports journalism background as Chris is a journalism major in college and I wrote for my college newspaper (Ferris State Torch) for four years. Matt is a Computer Information Systems major so he is the computer expert and Eric (EB on the site) kicks our asses in Fantasy Hockey every year. We're from the same hometown and graduated from high school together. In September, we did a season preview series where we previewed a different team every day.
I know that being a blogger is about the equivalent of arm-chair quarterbacks living in mom's basement but our objective is to keep it fun and professional.
Any advice or criticism for us would be greatly appreciated.
Eddie Bellamy
Hockey World Blog

Go on. Educate them. Banff that shit.

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