The Learning Curve: Phinally Philly

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This segment is called "The Learning Curve" where you, young blog proprietor, will get a link to your new site on Deadspin. Any and all questions you may have about being a successful blogger will (hopefully) be answered.

Not by me, though. Consider this a "Dear Abby" for blog publishers and, you, proud, angry, often cruel commentariat should provide your helpful tips on success.

Now, thick skin is a requirement for every blogger. But do try to be helpful as well.


Don't just torture all these people and trounce on their dreams in the comments — email them your tips, your real suggestions, your advice, etc. Touch lives and all that.

Today: Phinally Philly, because it's about damn time we give some attention to the oh so neglected realm of Philadelphia sports.

Hey guys and gals,

I've been writing for a startup Philly sports blog for about 6 months now, and we've seen some decent growth. We just redesigned our site so if you could link to us in the Learning Curve feature we'd really appreciate it! Any advice would be more than welcome. As of now we have some cool additions ot the site, like an All-Philly sports calendar, and a live twitter feed linked to on the main page that updates the latest in Philly sports news.

Check it out and lets us know what you think!


David Foley

So go help the man. And be polite. You know how phragile Philly sports fans can be.