The Learning Curve: So Yoked

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This segment is called "The Learning Curve" where you, young blog proprietor, will get a link to your new site on Deadspin. Any and all questions you may have about being a successful blogger will (hopefully) be answered.

Not by me, though. Consider this a "Dear Abby" for blog publishers and, you, proud, angry, often cruel commentariat should provide your helpful tips on success.

Now, thick skin is a requirement for every blogger. But do try to be helpful as well.


Don't just torture all these people and trounce on their dreams in the comments - email them your tips, your real suggestions, your advice, etc. Touch lives and all that.

Today: So Yoked, a blog that serves athletes "sunny side up," as opposed to all those other blogs serving up poached athletes in a buttery Hollandaise.

Deadspin Staff,

Us avid purveyors of Deadspin, who also pursue the hope of one day hitting it big in the blogosphere, at minimum received a healthy semi (i think one of our writers popped a full bone), when we read about "The Learning Curve." Our site,, has been going at it since May and has a solid following, just of the smaller proportion. We believe So Yoked has solid content and a good look. Our focus is on professional and college level sports gossip. We like to be raw, funny, and give the viewer plenty of t&a to get through the day. Right now our focus is on increasing traffic and giving the viewer what they want. So we figure who better to get feedback from than Deadspin's readers.


So Yoked
Athletes Served Sunny Side Up

My advice? Cool it on the boner talk. One writer long ago cornered that market, and his name is Frank Deford. Now, Deadspin commentariat, render your judgment.