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The Loneliest Boy In Rural Nebraska

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So, remember the story about the Minnesota State Athletic Association canceling a week's of wrestling matches because of an outbreak of herpes? (You might remember it more for our "don't Google Image search 'herpes'" warning, which still stands.) Well, it turns out that they've isolated the Patient Zero of the epidemic. And boy, is he ever popular right now.


A wrestler from Nebraska has been identified as the possible source of a skin herpes outbreak that prompted Minnesota high school officials to impose an eight-day suspension of wrestling competitions and contact practices.

B.J. Anderson, a former wrestler who acts as a health adviser to the Minnesota high school league, told The Associated Press that he would neither confirm nor deny that a Valentine, Neb. wrestler was the suspected carrier. "Will I say which team? I can't. I have to respect these teams," Anderson said. "I can say that all teams involved have been notified of the problem."


The athletic director of the Valentine High School claims that none of his school's wrestlers have been diagnosed with herpes. But certainly, it has been narrowed down to one or two teams, because there were only two Nebraska teams in the Minnesota tournament that started this all. That's about 26 kids, total. Someone knows he is the guy who started all this, and this is high school: Everybody else knows too, or at least thinks they do.

And that kid, right now, is sitting in his bedroom, wondering if college will ever, ever get here.

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