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All three of the professional teams that call LA's Staples Center home are in the playoffs, and all three are scheduled to play host to opponents this weekend—a total of six games in four days, in fact, beginning with last night:

• Coyotes-Kings, Game 3, last night
• Thunder-Lakers, Game 3, tonight
• Spurs-Clippers, Game 3, tomorrow afternoon
• Thunder-Lakers, Game 4, tomorrow night
• Coyotes-Kings, Game 4, Sunday afternoon
• Spurs-Clippers, Game 4, Sunday night


But what about the demand for tickets? Are the Lakers still a great draw? Has the Kings' remarkable run had a discernable impact on prices? Does anyone even give a shit about the Clippers? To find out, we turned again our friends at SeatGeek, the online ticket search engine that compiles data from hundreds of resellers. SeatGeek had previously done analyses for us of prices throughout the NBA's regular season. This time, we had them gauge how sports fans in LA are spending their money now that they have a long weekend packed with plenty of options.

The Staples Center has a slightly higher capacity for basketball (19,079) than it does for hockey (18,118), which means there's a little bit less inventory for the Kings than for the Lakers and Clippers. That said, this is what SeatGeek found, based on their research of prices as of Wednesday:

• Though they trail their series 2-0, the Lakers are still the team everyone wants to see. The average resale price for tonight is $262, with tomorrow going for an average of $250. The Kings are not far behind, though: Last night's game was fetching an average price of $215, with Sunday getting $225. The Clippers, meanwhile, lag far behind: an average of just $134 for tomorrow and $148 for Sunday. This chart breaks down the averages for all six games:

Illustration for article titled The Los Angeles Kings Are A Hotter Ticket Than The Clippers

• The Lakers also still have no equal in terms of demand for the best seats. Courtside seats for tonight are fetching an average of $11,594, with tomorrow's game going for $11,503. By comparison, the Kings and Clippers don't even come close: Seats near the ice for the Kings got $1,092 for last night and $1,515 for Sunday, while a courtside seat for tomorrow's Clippers game averages just $1,005.

• The cost of Kings tickets has climbed steadily as they've continued their run through the Western Conference playoffs. That Game 4 average price of $225 is the highest they've seen all season. Before the playoffs, however, the average cost of Kings tickets never broke $100.

• The ticket in the least demand? That would be a nosebleed seat in Section 311, Row 7, for Sunday's Spurs-Clippers game, which is going for just $39. By comparison, the cheapest ticket for Sunday's Coyotes-Kings game—in Section 306—would cost $163. That means someone could buy four cheap tickets for the Clippers for roughly the same price as one seat for the Kings.

• The price for a cheap Clippers seat tomorrow is similarly going for much less than a cheap Lakers ticket later that day. A seat in Section 318—the farthest from the court—will run you an average of $61 for the Clippers game. But the price jumps to an average of $165 for the Lakers game.


• The cost for "average" seats for all six games this weekend would come to $1,234, while securing what SeatGeek calls the "absolutely lowest-priced ticket" for all six games would run you $543.

Photo via Getty; chart via SeatGeek.

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