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The Maloofs recently announced they have a "Plan B" up their sleeves if the NBA does not approve the latest offer made by the Seattle-based ownership group with whom they have been negotiating the sale of the Sacramento Kings: they're going to make things ugly.


Should the league not approve Chris Hansen's $65 million increase, the Maloofs say they will sell him a 20 percent stake of the team (which would still need owner-approval). The Maloofs would retain control over the franchise and Sacramento would remain its home. For now. The backup plan would feature Hansen's assistance in trying to force through a new arena deal in Sacramento or, if that's not in the cards, ownership could reapply for relocation at some other time. Either way, they are preparing for a fight.


The Kings owners have also flatly stated that if the relocation committee rejects this latest offer, they would not sell the team to the Sacramento-based group the league (and city) has been negotiating with.

According to Brian Windhorst, part of that latest offer includes an almost $4 million incentive to owners.

Sources said that new proposal also included a $115 million offer to owners as a relocation fee, which would amount to about $4 million per team. By comparison, in 2008 when the Oklahoma City Thunder moved from Seattle, they paid a $30 million total fee to the other owners.

The committee has scheduled another meeting to consider the new proposal ahead of the full owners meeting on Tuesday at which time they will have to decide whether the Maloofs actually want to remain owners of a team they clearly don't want in a city they clearly don't like.

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