Your morning roundup for Feb. 9, the day we realized we'd developed a dangerous addiction to Hint Of Lime Tostito chips.

• Quasi-alumnus John Wall was at Rupp Arena last night to watch his quasi-Alma Mater, No. 18 Kentucky, defeat unranked Tennessee 73-61. Bruce Pearl, who returned from his 8-game suspension to a 15-9 (5-4) team, still believes in the power of the orange jacket and the indignity of referees everywhere.

• Stephen A. Smith is now writing a column and hosting a radio show for ESPN New York. On his welcome post, "You can't take the New York out of Stephen A. Smith," there is a written column, a recorded radio snippet, and a highlight reel with his commentary. The high-art meta edition, in which he reads his column to the radio show while being taped and a single cellist plays discordant tones, is forthcoming.

• Some New Orleans fans are upset that Sean Payton and his wife have elected to move their family to Dallas. Luckily the Paytons are now protected from finding "For Sale" signs placed in their front yard.

• Jon Bon Jovi is halfway there to becoming a minority owner of the Atlanta Falcons.


• The Nuggets are now talking with the Lakers about one of those "blockbuster" trades that would send Andrew Bynum, the center averaging 11.3 points and 7.4 boards this season, and probably a few others to Denver for Carmelo Anthony. This is new pressure for the Knicks: Donnie Walsh is now worried the trade deadline and his expiring contract.

• Sally Jenkins wrote a column yesterday that breaks down this year's Super Bowl expenses. Among the numbers? The Navy spent $450,000 of your tax dollars to fly F-18s over the closed dome of Dallas Stadium on Sunday. It was totally worth it for the deafening roar.


• The NFL is trying to track down all 400 "displaced" fans who didn't get seats to Sunday's game. Each will be granted "one free, transferable, ticket to next year's Super Bowl and a cash payment of $2,400, three times the face value of the ticket they held." You can email your contact info to Yes, I plan on trying.


Good morning.