Photo via AP

The Mariners opened the season with a rather odd little loss to the Texas Rangers. Since then, however, they have managed to humiliate a presumptive AL playoff team to the tune of 19 runs in their next two games.

Some qualifiers, because I suppose we need qualifiers: Yes, Seattle is less than two percent of the way through the season. Yes, their home park is the size and shape of the Son Doong cavern and it muffles would-be dingers to left and right center into flyouts. But, man, they’ve hit a lot of dingers!

Every one of Robinson Cano’s four hits this year has been a home run. His production has taken a dip since he joined the Mariners in 2014, but he looks determined to whack the ball into the stands as much as he can, and, just like at Spring Training, he’s delivering.


The fences in Arlington are roughly the same distance from home as those in Seattle, so it’s not like a dinger like this deserves too much qualification.

His buddy Nelson Cruz, the most accomplished home run hitter on the team, also got in on the fun yesterday.


The Trevor Story v. Robinson Cano home run derby is going to be fun.