Ever wanted a six-foot doll of Raul Ibanez? Well, boy howdy, this could be your lucky day. As long as you have four figures to spend.

The Mariners are auctioning off life-sized โ€” bigger than life-sized, actually โ€” bobblehead dolls of Ibanez, Kenji Johjima, Felix Hernandez and Ichiro Suzuki. Bidding begins at $2,500 on the Mariners' home page.

Just for the sake of discussion โ€” and to help you with your decision whether or not to buy โ€” if you were to purchase a Real Doll, it could cost you $6,500. So this thing could pay for itself!

Supersized Mariners Bobbleheads [Home Run Derby]
Real Doll [Official Site] (NSFW)


(By the way ... commence "they need a Rick Ankiel lifesize bobblehead for Leitch ... NOW.)