The positive tests come while the team is in Florida, and it’s hard not to notice the confluence of Florida, the Mets, and an out of control virus and nod your head in complete not shock. It’s even more tempting when you remember that Mets pitcher Marcus Stroman cited the Mets’ upcoming trip to Miami as a reason he was opting out.

The Mets are now the fourth team to have positive tests among its players that have forced the league to postpone games, joining the Marlins, Cardinals, and Reds. The Yankees and Phillies also had games postponed, but only due to proximity to the Marlins after their outbreak, staff members testing positive, or false positives.


It has been enough weeks since the Marlins outbreak that the two members of the Mets party contracting it from them is probably a stretch, but again this is Florida and anything is possible. It’s likely that the entire Subway Series will have to be pushed back to a later date, which will add to the two games the Yankees still have to make up against the Phillies.

The Reds were able to avoid an outbreak after their player tested positive; however, the Marlins and Cardinals were not.


This being the Mets, you can be fairly safe in assuming something terribly stupid will happen from here.