Last night's Cardinals loss to the Mets โ€” we watched that one with our parents at a Brooklyn bar, though we're heading to Flushing tonight and tomorrow โ€” seemed inevitable from the get-go. Frankly, we have a sneaking suspicion the Cardinals are going to be swept in these four games, saving us the trouble of believing they have any sort of hope this year. This would bother us a lot more if the Cardinals hadn't won the World Series last year, but they did.

Anyway, after Shawn Green's walk-off homer last night, the Mets celebrated like crazy people at home plate. Specifically, Jose Reyes did his little boxer's dance at home plate and, most amusingly, Jose Valentin going all caveman on the ground with his bat. "Shawn homer! Shawn homer! Bash! Bash!" That's one way to celebrate a June win, gentlemen.