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The Mets Take One Step Closer To Inevitable Implosion

This is going to be an interesting, rain-soaked weekend in baseball for the Northeast's playoff-challenged teams. Last night's Mets loss was After switching over to ESPN to watch the game once the Phillies got completely waxed by the Braves, I was fully prepared to root for the Bastard Mets to fail miserably. But, jeez, even as Phillies fan, who only wishes for the Mets to fade into oblivion in the most catastrophic way possible, I have to admit that, God, THAT was painful. Even though the Cubs seemingly handed the game over to them on multiple occasions it just didn't happen. Even after they get to Zambrano early, even after they get the lead runner on base multiple times, even after Samarzdidazaidza walks in the tying run, even after Daniel Murphy leads off the 9th with a lead-off triple with the heart of the order behind him, the Mets just could not win. Original gangsta manager Jerry Manuel recognizes the missed opportunity and the foul-smelling wind that's a blowin':

That's bad. You've got to find a way. We've got to keep pushing and pressing. To have a guy at third, leadoff, a young player like that, and not get him in. . . . We gotta do a better job than that."


To make matters even more pressing, the Brewers continued their Dale Sveum-led resurgence, defeated the Pirates and are now tied with the Bastards for the wild card lead. The Phillies, suffering from their own bouts of bed-shitting of late, are also feeling rattled. But not as much as the Mets, their fans, and their bar owners, according to one Deadspin reader:

I am a Philly native and recent New York transplant. I was hoping you could help spread the word about a bar that no one should ever go to.Today (well not its yesterday) was my 25th birthday and I went out with some friends. I live in the Village. We ended up at the Village Pourhouse at like 9th and 3rd. Mets/Cubs was in the bottom of the ninth when we got there and I was openly rooting for the Cubs to win since the Phils had already lost. There was a guy by the bar in a Mets jersey who heard me and starting yelling at me. Turns out it was the owner of the bar. The Mets lost. I yelled at my friends who were Mets fans that we were still up 1.5 games. Some time passes and I need another drink. I get the smoking hot bartender's attention and she gets a beer for my friend and informs me that she can no longer serve me. I ask why and find out that because of being a Cubs fan (which I told her I was not), I could no longer drink at the bar. I showed her my license to explain it was my birthday (apparently she did not care). She said she was not getting involved and not risking losing her job over giving me a drink. I was furious, stole the signed credit card receipt from my friend's drink, and after my friend's finished their drinks, stormed out of the bar. Please let Philly people know never to go to this bar. They are anti-Philly and its atrocious that this happened to me. I want to destroy the income of this bar.

Welcome to playoff baseball. Mets tied with Brewers for Wild Card [NY Daily News]

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