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If you're following the Mets or SNY on Twitter, you saw a link to receive either a single free ticket, or 2-for-1 seats for this weekend's series against the Marlins. (The promotion is called, creatively and alternatively, "Tweet A Ticket" or, oh god, a "Twicket.") Except, if you know how Twitter works, you don't actually need to be following an account to view its tweets or click its links. Basically, the Mets are giving away free tickets.

Citi Field had an announced sellout for opening day, though suspiciously empty rows begged to differ. Yankee Stadium wasn't looking so hot by the end of the game. Teams are resorting to all sorts of measures to fill stadiums for the traditionally slow month of April. The Marlins are turning to Groupon and offering free food. The Red Sox are selling cheap beer. And the Mets? Twickets.


The free ticket offer was unveiled yesterday, but everyone was too busy not wanting to go to a Mets game to take advantage. So the Mets slapped a sad "ICYMI" on another tweet this morning, and it seems to have done the trick. There are no free single seats left available, which is sad news for people without friends. Still plenty of buy-one-get-one free, though. The only problem with that is, it's still cheaper to buy two tickets on Stubhub.

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