The Milwaukee Brewers' Adopted Stray Dog Is The Best Dog

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This is Hank the dog. Hank is a stray who wandered into the Milwaukee Brewers' spring training facility last week, and has since become the team's unofficial mascot. Hank is the best dog.

Why is Hank the dog so great? Well, before arriving at Brewers' camp, he was wandering the streets of Phoenix after having been hit by a car. From

The dog days for the Brewers arrived Feb. 17 when the stray pooch wandered on to the team's complex looking a little roughed up.

Team employees took him to a veterinarian for a checkup and bath. The vet spotted a tail injury and some gray markings around his right hind leg, a sign that it may have been run over by a vehicle.


Hank bounced back, though, and now he's having the best time at spring training. He's getting to do all kinds of fun stuff with the Brewers, like become buddies with Jonathan Lucroy:


...and patrol the outfield:

...and try on his own mitt:


Hank the dog is a very good doggie!

Photos via AP