The MNF Crew, Sadly, Is Getting Worse

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The Big Lead says this morning what we've all kind of been thinking: It's probably time to write off the "Monday Night Football" broadcast crew a disaster.

[Monday night], during one of the greatest NFL comebacks ever, the MNF crew reached its nadir. While the Bears stormed back, TK and Theismann could only muster the most annoyingly obvious statements about how incredible the comeback was. Sure, the comeback nearly rendered everyone speechless, but somehow, we think Jaws and Vermeil would have been able to provide something remotely interesting.

We remain fond of Kornheiser, but Monday's game was damning proof that the team has somehow gotten worse as it has gone along rather than better. On the whole, actually, we think ESPN has squeezed every last drop out of the "Monday Night Football" franchise, for the better; it still feels like an event, which is not what we were expecting. But yeah: Something is gonna have to change soon, because this kind of isn't working. Is Vermeil still available?


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