The Most Boring PSU Post Yet: State College Issues Media Parking Guidelines For Saturday

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Charles DeBow, Parking Manager for the Borough of State College, just sent out this list of revised guidelines for media planning to swarm campus this weekend. We'll stay with this story ALL NIGHT if we have to.

In an effort to accommodate the normal need for public parking on a Penn State Home Football Weekend, the Borough of State College Parking Department is asking for your cooperation by following these guidelines, effective immediately:

•The Borough has reserved spaces for large satellite trucks along the North Side of College Ave (Campus Side) from McAllister Street to Allen Street. Satellite trucks ONLY are allowed to park in the bagged meters. These meters will be reserved until noon on Sunday.

•No vehicles are allowed to be in any bus lane.

•All other media vehicles must be parked legally. This requires the vehicle to park in accordance to the posted signs and to pay the meter.

•All other signs and regulations will be strictly enforced. Cars in violation will be ticketed
and/or towed at the owner's expense.

•Media parking is prohibited in all loading zones.

The Borough of State College will do everything possible to accommodate the needs of the media as you report this story. However, we have a responsibility to the citizens and the business owners to keep as many spaces open for customers and visitors as possible. We ask that you please respect this and follow our guidelines. We also understand the media's need to have access to Old Main, that is why we will allow the satellite trucks to remain but all other non- essential vehicles must be parked legally in other areas.

The Pugh Street Parking Garage is located on the 100 block of S Pugh St, which is a half block away from Old Main. There is ample space to accommodate personal size vehicles.

Any questions can be emailed to

Thank you for your cooperation.

— State College Borough Parking Department