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Hey. Hey, you. Hey! Remember back in September when LeBron James, owner of a famously receding hairline, suddenly had hair again? And remember how a few weeks later, his new hair just up and disappeared? Remember?!


If you're anything like me, you've spent the last few months wondering what exactly LeBron's deal is. Why go through all the trouble of getting fake hair if you're just going to get rid of it a few weeks after taking that new, bushy head of yours public? Well, I think we finally have our answer, you guys.

That's the trailer for a new movie called Trainwreck, and LeBron James appears to have a pretty substantial role. But the important thing is his hair. Check out my man's hair:

Illustration for article titled The Mystery Of LeBrons Hairline Has Been Solved (Probably)!

Some day in the far-off future, you may find yourself watching Trainwreck with your children's children. When LeBron comes on screen, you'll tell them all about how he was the greatest athlete you ever saw, and then they'll say something like, "And he had great hair, too!" You be sure to correct the little shits on that point.

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