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We interrupt today's basketball coverage to tell you about Bill Lester, the first black man to qualify for a NASCAR race in 20 years. He'll be in the field for today's prestigious Golden Corral 500, which is underway as we speak.

If you're looking for him, he'll be starting 19th. I think he's in a yellow, green, and white car with a big "WM" Waste Management logo on the hood. A bit unfortunate that a driver doing something so historic is actually sponsored by garbage.

I, of course, hope he wins, which would likely create a scene in victory lane reminiscent of the scene in Blazing Saddles when Sheriff Bart strolls into town. I hope he takes the checkered flag, gets out of the car, hops up onto the podium and says... "Where the white women at?"

Lester staggered by support []