The Nathan Peterman Experiment Continues!

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The Bills cleared out Tyrod Taylor this offseason, and passed along AJ McCarron to the Raiders after a less than stellar preseason. Why carry all these ho-hum quarterbacks around when the team has already identified their franchise quarterback, the golden-armed stud they selected with the seventh overall pick in the 2018 draft, the future face of the organiza—

Oh yes. The Nathan Peterman experiment lives to see another day, another season! To be fair, Peterman was pretty great in the preseason, completing better than 80 percent of his passes for a sparkling 124.7 passer rating. Hotshot rookie Josh Allen wasn’t exactly horrendous—24-of-44 passing with a couple touchdowns—but the Bills evidently prefer to let the youngster learn by watching to start the season, while the [ahem] proven veteran runs the show. Mostly this is a fine excuse to relive this surreal, hilarious moment in football history:

The “calculated risk” by Bills coach Sean McDermott to pivot midweek and start Peterman against the Chargers last season, following an extremely discouraging performance by Buffalo’s Taylor-led offense a week earlier, set the rookie up for a historically bad performance. Peterman will have a crack at rewriting his legend this season. With any luck at all, it will yield just as delightfully screwy a result.