The Nationals Even Lose To Fireworks

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Nationals Park sucks — we know that — so the franchise rewards those 200 people who shell out to watch another loss with fireworks. Nice gesture, until the Nationals, as always, managed to screw it up.


Fireworks are fun. They're also dangerous. Sometimes, they result in floating debris. And sometimes said debris lands on the city's fire chief.

On Sunday, Washington D.C. Fire Chief Dennis Rubin was allegedly brushed with fireworks detritus, and in turn, he shut down the wonderfully celebratory pyrorific exhibition of goodness. One source told Washington City Paper, though, that Rubin was only hit by paper debris and that he allegedly overruled the on-site fire inspector to eliminate the last pinch of fun in an otherwise lifeless ballpark — all because of some errant paper planes.

Rubin was not exactly diplomatic when he argued for the fireworks to be shutdown. According to the source, Rubin at one point told authorities: "Do you know who I am?"

As of tomorrow, he can try that stand with Stephen Strasburg, the not-yet-National who will hold out until Washington blows all its money on him. But he'll be The Chosen One to bring the fireworks back to Nationals Park — yeah!


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