Big game's about to start. (GolTV's pregame show starts at 3 p.m. eastern; game itself an hour later). FC Barcelona's beaten up enough on defense to give Real Madrid a legitimate shot at avenging their 5-0 throttling from earlier in the season.

Tricky spot, this game. Barca's pretty much got the league title wrapped up. They face one another in the Copa del Rey final on Wednesday. Then comes the UEFA Champions League home-and-home series, the biggest of the bunch. Still, it's the two best teams on Earth taking the pitch. (Fine, two of the top three if you're inclined to give an even-strength Man U more credit than they likely deserve). Anything can happen. Enjoy, if you're so inclined.

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• Though the World Leader In Sports maintains otherwise, Cristiano Ronaldo is not the same as Ronaldo, but in this graphic, dutifully sent along by tipster Mark of Chicago, they seem to maintain that Ronaldo will appear in El Classico today. He won't. He's not on Real Madrid. He's retired.

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