The NBA Draft is a compilation of personal stories. Payton Pritchard, a 6-foot-2 guard from University of Oregon, was selected 26th overall by the Boston Celtics. Pritchard is a hometown kid … literally from my hometown of West Linn, Oregon. I’ve watched him play since he was a freshman in high school. I went to church with him and his family. I watched him go to University of Oregon just two hours down the road and develop into a knockdown scorer and facilitator at the guard position that will transition nicely to the NBA. I watched his effort, his work ethic, and his ascension into being a first-round draft pick.


In an interview with NBCSN, Pritchard said, “It was a very emotional moment for me. It took a lot of hard work. Definitely went through a lot of ups and downs in high school and college. Just to finally get to this moment is unreal and it was definitely filled with a lot of emotion.”

Damian Lillard sure was proud.


In my opinion, the draft night experience was a success. ESPN did the best with what they could to make the viewing experience fun and exciting, from reporters interviewing the draftees via video, to a panel of college basketball experts who were able to deliver great information and insight into not just the stats, but the personal stories of the young men about to make the jump to the NBA. Every single player taken in the draft has a personal story that we as viewers can connect to, and ESPN allowed us to hear some of those stories.

It was different, but it was familiar. Familiar is good. We could all use some familiarity right now.