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The NBA Trade Deadline: Well, That Was Pointless

Amar'e Stoudamire. Shaquille O'Neal. Vince Carter. Nate Robinson. Tracy McGrady. None of them are going anywhere. A lot of lesser names and expiring contracts got shuffled around today, but really... nothing changed.

Houston sent Rafer Alston to Orlando, which is probably the only significant trade of the day. The Magic are still in the title hunt and needed someone to fill Jameer Nelson's shoes, so they made a move they needed to make. But all those superstar dream trades never materialized or never existed in the first place.


The Knicks did whatever it is they think they're doing over there, getting Larry Hughes but choosing to hold on to Krypto-Nate. (It is catchy!) The Bulls traded for ... everybody I think. The Kings acquired Sam Cassell's corpse. And that's pretty much it. All the division leaders (except the Magic) are basically standing pat. The Suns somehow think that beating the Clippers twice means they have a chance to win this thing. And I've had wayyyyyy more than my daily allowance of Stephen A. Smith. (Which my doctor has wisely capped at "zero.")

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