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The NBA's Shame

I've been critical of David Stern and his obsessively fascist measures to cultivate a friendly, lilly-white non-threatening image for the NBA, but perhaps I was misguided on that.

Because when you see something like the video above, you realize just how deep the NBA's image problem goes. If this sort of thing continues, everyone's going to start thinking the NBA's superstar players are... well... a bunch of panty-wearing mimsies who are incapable of violence under any circumstance.


It's time to encourage players wear brass knucks, bulletproof vests, prison shanks in their socks... anything that will make someone feel tough. It's time for a leaguewide memo that reads something like, "Alright, boys. On Wednesday, January 24th, if you want to get in a fight, just this once, I'll look the other way... because I need someone to throw a punch and not look like Richard Simmons in the process, otherwise, people are going to start watching hockey."

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