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Wide receiver Peerless Price has been nothing but a disaster for the Atlanta Falcons since he was signed as a free agent from the Buffalo Bills; fantasy owners have been wanting to behead him for years. Well, the Falcons finally took care of the whacking today, cutting Price from the team.

Price could have done many things here. He could have humbly apologized for disappointing Atlanta fans. He could have brashly proclaimed that the Falcons would rue the day. He could have just left quietly, thief in the night, all that. But Price did something far more valuable; he gave us an exit quote.

"I hate y'all," Price said to an AJC photographer, before hustling into his car without further comment.


From now on, anytime we ever leave a job, or a girl breaks up with us, or even if we're just heading out to grab some donuts, we're going to sign off with, "I hate ya'll," before hustling off. Something great about that.

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