We've been on board the Pelicans bandwagon from the very beginning, but the team made it official this afternoon. Starting next season, the Hornets are no more (unless the Bobcats become the Hornets. Even then the Pelicans will keep the Hornets' pre-2002 history. It's all very confusing.)

What you see above is supposedly the new logo, taken from a prematurely released promotional video. It's kind of disappointing, as if they couldn't quite accept the pelican in all its gulleted glory, instead putting it face-on so it looks like any other predatory bird. Any of these would have been much better.

We'd love to bring you details of the actual announcement, but the Hornets' site's countdown has gone rogue. Via Trey Kerby:


Techincal difficulties not withstanding, nba.com/pelicans now redirects to the Hornets' site. Pop the bubbly!

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Update: Here's the official Pelicans fact sheet. Five logos! (Including a "Bird-de-Lis.") Also:

"Pelicans have existed on Earth for over 30 million years and have been revered throughout history from Egypt to Australia and all of Christendom."